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Sexual Predators are stalking your kids online.
Sexual predators are using the Internet as their virtual playground.
And they are targeting your kids.
According to the FBI, the Internet is the #1 way child predators contact and meet underage sex partners.
The best tool WE have to fight them is knowledge.
And the best way to spread that knowledge is with the fascinating new “Online Predators” Video Series.

Produced in cooperation with the FBI and Polly Klaas Foundation, these revealing programs expose the latest techniques predators are using to target teens – and what we can do to stop them.

The series consists of 2 parts – each essential to protecting our kids.
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The Time to Stop Online Predators is Now!

The shocking fact is that we alone cannot protect our teens.

We need to work with our teens to help them protect themselves.

This brand new 2-Part Online Predators Series is the best tool you can get to help prevent teens from falling victim to Online Predators.

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  • Part 1: Online Predators – Invading My Space
    DVD $89. Add To Cart
  • What every teen should know.
    (19 minutes - $89.)
  • The FBI’s expert on Cyber Crime tells teens how to avoid becoming victims.
  • Teens will discover the dangers lurking online, how the predator’s “Grooming Process” lures them in and 10 ways to avoid becoming a victim.


  • Part 2: A Parent's Guide to Fighting Online Predators – What Every Parent Should Do
    DVD $89. Add To Cart
  • Part 2: A Parents’ Guide to Fighting Online Predators
    What Every Parent Should Do.

    (19 minutes - $89.)

    The FBI’s expert on Cyber Crimes against Minors shows parents and concerned adults what they can do to help protect kids.

    Parents will learn how to minimize predator contact, techniques for monitoring teens online activities, and how to work with teens to help them avoid Online Predators.



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