Brain Trust Films thrives by being on the cutting edge of youth education. 

We tackle emerging topics and issues, often before the mainstream media. 

Our new Online Predator programs are Now available!

For Teens:
"Online Predators - Invading My Space"

For Adults:
"A Parents' Guide to Fighting Online Predators"

The FBI uses our programs to teach teens and adults about the dangers that lurk online.

School Library Journal says: "With the widespread use of the Internet, programs like this should become a central part of computer education in schools."

We want to know what YOUR concerns are.  Is there an area of Substance Abuse Education or Youth Culture that is not being addressed? 

If you are thinking of making your own video, give EJ Nolan at Brain Trust Films a call. We'll apply our World Class experience and "No BS" approach to getting your message across.

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