The Street Scene Series from Brain Trust Films

“Finally.  A series of “drug abuse” programs that my students actually find interesting and compelling.” 

Brain Trust Films has created what you’ve been looking for.

The Street Scene Series cuts through the "BS Filter" of those at risk. 

Youth who want to “keep it real” will see real people who have been through the hell of drug dependence and the destruction it can cause.  


Our host, Popular Hip Hop Artist MC Que delivers the 411 in a straight-ahead style that makes viewers understand that smart decisions are in their own best interest.

How are Brain Trust Films different from other “Anti-Drug” videos?

Click on the videos link above and you’ll see.

Brain Trust Films combine a fast-paced documentary style with comprehensive research and proven educational techniques.  They capture the downsides of drug use with an honesty, common sense and human drama that will have a powerful, immediate and long lasting impact.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Here's what School Library Journal had to say:  


Video of the Week--The Street Scene Series 
Elaine Black, Gwinnett County Public Library, Lawrenceville, GA -- 11/14/2005 
From SLJ December 2005

Producer: Brain Trust Films. 2006. Includes:

  • Bitter Pills: Prescription Drug Abuse;
  • The Downward Spiral: Oxycontin & Opiate Addiction.

Gr 6 Up–This compelling, hard-hitting, teen-focused anti-drug series features flashy MTV-style graphics and is hosted by hip-hop artist "The Q." It has all the ingredients to hold the attention of teenagers. The recovering addicts (mostly female) who share their stories are earnest and sincere, and their painful tales of how they got hooked on prescription drugs and painkillers and what the addiction did to their lives will leave a powerful impression on viewers. Information provided by experts such as dependency counselors, pain management experts, and attorneys as well as the testimony of addicts will engage students while the popular hip-hop host gives the series "street" credibility. Presented in an in-your-face style, the anti-drug message rings true and is sure to spark a dialogue in middle and high school health classes and counseling situations.

Better Living – Without Chemistry

Brain Trust Films contain nothing phony or preachy.

Just the reality of the downsides they won't hear from their friends - or their dealer.

The Street Scene Series appeals to the mind - with straight-up, credible information. 

It appeals to the heart - with true stories of lost youth, lost innocence and lost loved ones.

And it offers hope - real world tips on how you can enjoy a more satisfying life without drugs.  

The 4-Part"Street Scene" Series includes

Oxycontin and Opiate Addiction - The Downward Spiral

Oxy abuse is up 40% in the last 3 years. And it's as addictive as heroin (DEA). The Hillbilly Heroin and Codeine Painkillers are creating junkies out of pill poppers and syrup sippers. This is the only video available that delves into the heart of this growing problem.

Prescription Drugs - Bitter Pills

According to the DEA, Prescription Drug abuse is the fastest growing drug problem in America. Women and girls are twice as likely to get addicted.

Ecstasy – The E-Street Blues

Shot at a rave with first hand reports of shocking results from using this supposedly "harmless" drug.  Backed up by Medical and Recovery Professionals (who are recovered addicts themselves.)

Club Drugs - Dancing With Danger

Covers the hazards of "Party Drugs" ranging from DXM, GHB and LSD to Crystal Meth and Rohypnol - The Date Rape Drug.  

Each comes with an Instructors Guide filled with probing questions, discussion starters and suggested activities.

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These programs, each approximately 20 minutes, are currently being used by Schools, Libraries, Treatment Facilities, Law Enforcement Agencies and Community Groups including The Illinois State Police and the United Nations Office On Crime and Drugs in Vienna, Austria.  

Brain Trust Films make other Substance Abuse Videos look like they’re from the last millennium – because most of them are! 

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